What the Commissioner cannot do

The Construction Commissioner’s role will not cover:
– complaints that have not first been considered by the nominated undertaker’s/HS2 Ltd’s helpdesk;
– complaints relating to works that are not part of, or associated with, the HS2 project;
– complaints relating to planning conditions and other matters that are subject to the approval of statutory authorities;
– matters considered by Parliament in approving the project;
– matters dealt with by the Office of Rail & Road [formerly the Office of Rail Regulation], and operational rail matters dealt with by train operating companies and passenger watchdogs;
– matters under investigation by the Health and Safety Executive;
– complaints relating to property compensation issues;
– claims for losses over £10,000;
– complaints relating to settlement deeds (see Information Paper C3: Ground Settlement & Information Paper C10: Small Claims Scheme for further details);
– the future operation of the HS2 railway or services; or
– matters relating to HS2 Safeguarding Directions.